Mobile Car Wash VS Mobile Oil Change Business – Which is Better to Start?

If you are an automotive type guy, then perhaps you have decided to start your own business working with cars. Of course, you probably realize that setting up an automotive shop of any type is a very expensive proposition.Maybe you have discovered the possibility of establishing a mobile auto motive business, but what kind, well let us look at a Mobile Car Wash and a Mobile Oil Change Business. What type of equipment will be needed? For a mobile oil change business, you will most likely need some of the following:
Dip Stick vacuum system
Dial volume select pumps
Waste Oil Tanks
Fresh Oil Tanks
Hose reels
Vehicle Platform
There are several vendors who specialize in mobile oil change equipment out there. A van set up is a little over 10K some as high as 17K and of course you have to buy a van too. Some of the vendors in the industry have package deals – some have trailers, some have skid “pick-up” truck mounts. Such a system works okay with a camper shell with side openings yet, most operators prefer the vans. Let’s say you wished to set up a business in a downtown area, well then a van seems smart or a mid-size pick-up, with excellent logo’ing makes sense too. Mobile Car Wash Businesses are rather simple and the equipment is pretty straight forward, as you will need a:
Pressure Washer 2200 psi
Portable Generator
Plastic Water Tank
Shop Vacuum
Pressure Hose
A Vehicle or Trailer
Bucket, sponges, decent soap
Again there are considerations for the type of washing and locations that you will be working and your preference for a vehicle. I wish you well if you are considering starting such a business of your own.